• Fourth Milling Company specializes in the production of high-quality flour products, wheat derivatives, and animal feed. As one of Saudi Arabia’s leading companies, we boast a rich heritage a track record of achievements and prosperity driven by our ambitious Vision 2030. Since our inception, we have maintained the quality of our products and enhanced our operational processes, firmly believing in the importance of contributing to food security, self-sufficiency, and societal development. Our values revolve around community development and sustainability.

    Our journey began in 1977 with the establishment of our factory in Dammam, expanding thereafter to encompass three key regions in the Kingdom: The Central, Eastern, and Western regions.

    Our factories boast immense operational capacities, driven by skilled Saudi professionals whom we proudly acknowledge. We currently have a daily milling capacity of 3,150 tons for flour products and wheat derivatives, and 450 tons for animal feed products. Additionally, our storage silos have a capacity of 150,000 tons, ensuring the fulfillment of our customers’ needs across various industrial, commercial, and consumer sectors, including food factories, restaurants, modern and traditional trade, feed mills, and livestock breeders.

    Our continuous endeavor is to contribute to enhancing the availability of essential food products tailored to meet diverse needs. We strive to ensure the daily availability of our products nationwide through an advanced logistical network.

    Looking ahead, at Fourth Milling Company, we aspire to expand and strengthen our relationships with stakeholders who share our high standards. We aim to deliver our products with the utmost quality to achieve success and excellence in our generous country. Our ambition is for our products to reach the entire Middle East region, establishing ourselves as a leading provider of essential food products.

    Khalid Al Maktary


We work on providing a diverse range of essential products, including various types of flour, wheat derivatives, and animal feed products.